Four Ways to Make Casino More Relevant to Gamblers


Unlike other movies that portray Las Vegas as the place for partying and weekend getaways, Casino is much more than that. It lays bare the city’s past ties with organized crime and explains how huge gambling corporations took over the desert city that was minting money by the billions.

While many casinos focus on the intangibles of free play, comps and discounts to attract players, there are four cornerstones that can help casinos make their brands more relevant to gamblers.

1. Create relevance through innovation

2. Establish an emotional connection with your audience.
3. Deliver a high-quality experience.
4. Pursue events and group business.
The average casino has more to offer than just slots and tables. Whether it’s a luxurious hotel with cutting-edge technology, flexible event and entertainment spaces, or delicious restaurants and spas, casinos need to market these assets as well as their gaming offerings. Casinos should also consider targeting groups, such as corporate retreats, weddings and family reunions, to expand their reach beyond the gaming floor.