How Casinos Play on Your Weaknesses


There is something so luxuriating about walking into a casino. The bright lights, the sound of pennies dropping (even though coins stopped being used a long time ago), and the smell of excitement all make you feel like you’re walking into heaven. But this isn’t by accident – casinos have carefully designed the whole experience to play on your weaknesses and keep you in the building as much as possible.

From free drinks to awesome comps they use a variety of methods to keep you in the building and playing all night long. These tactics are based on psychology and the ways people think, work and interact. This isn’t limited to casinos, these same principles are used by grocery stores and other industries that cater to the psychological weaknesses of humans.

One of the main reasons why casino games are so popular is that they are fast-paced and exciting. They’re also a great way to wile away the time and not have to worry about other commitments or responsibilities. However, while there are benefits to gambling online, it is important to remember that the stakes are often low and you should stick to your gaming budget.

There is no better portrayal of what Las Vegas is all about than Martin Scorsese’s Casino. The movie is an epic crime drama that lays bare the history of Vegas and its past ties with organized crime. De Niro and Sharon Stone both give amazing performances but it is Joe Pesci who really steals the show as mob boss Santoro. The three-hour-plus film never lags or runs out of steam thanks to the tight editing and taut narration.